Top tips to balance your nutrition with your busy lifestyle

If your lives are anything like mine, I’m sure you can relate with the ongoing struggle of trying to maintain harmony between your health, nutrition, exercise and busy work schedule.

Our bodies feel these pressures sometimes more than we may realise and unfortunately, we tend to neglect them when our minds are elsewhere. Your body will increase its nutritional demands under stress, especially during natural periods of mensuration, pregnancy, lactation and menopause!

Therefore in order to restore and maintain harmony in your life, you need to acknowledge the basics and truly focus on your health and wellbeing. Below I have listed a few habits which I have been guilty of in the past and now recognise have had a genuine impact my body’s performance.


Sometimes the mornings are way too hectic to stop for a bite to eat, however skipping brekkie is no way to start the glorious day! It is so important to actively make time for a quick breakfast to ensure you have great concentration levels, kick start your metabolism after a solid night’s sleep and give your body a nutritious start. Some quick, simple and sustainable brekkie ideas include fruit smoothies, Greek yoghurt + fruit, homemade brekkie muffins or a slice of wholegrain toast + avocado.


There are definitely days when my work enjoys my lunch a hell of a lot more than I do! Unfortunately, those are the days when my performance suffers due to my lack of energy in the afternoon and I am a lot more likely to crave convenient snacks. But in order to avoid desperately grabbing whatever I can find in the afternoon, I make sure to have a nourishing, wholesome and sustainable meal on my break to keep those natural hunger queues satisfied and refuel my brain. My go to’s are, wholegrain chicken and salad wrap, tuna, salad and wholegrain crackers or some of last night’s yummy dinner.


Oh, how easy it is to loose track of how much food you have consumed when you are distracted… “What, it’s all gone?! But that wasn’t enough?” The truth of the matter is that in order for your brain to achieve the same levels of satisfaction while distracted, you will require a much larger amount of food. Therefore it is important to mindfully honour those cravings and really dedicate the time to eat your special food, chew it slowly to truly enjoy it and allow your brain to receive the full satisfaction from a smaller amount.


Many of us throw the towel in, come Friday night, with the weekend offering such delicious indulgences it’s hard to resist. Rather than letting your week’s work count for nothing, consider continuing your dietary structure over the weekend and allow yourself only one meal off and try to organise one social exercise you enjoy!

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