Online & Phone

One-on-one Online Consulting

Everything is easier when it is online. If you find the thought of coming in for a consult too overwhelming, if you are based outside of the Gold Coast, need a quick question answered or if you just prefer to chat online, I am here for you! I provide detailed, personalised & all hours accessible nutrition & wellness support.

My online service involves completing an initial assessment questionnaire, upon which you will outline any pre-existing conditions, your wellness goals, current dietary intake etc. Then I will provide feedback, recommendations and set up a personalised plan for you moving forward.

Phone consults

Looking to chat at a more convenient time? I provide thorough & personalised initial phone consults, in addition, to quick follow up convos.

This service suits my busiest of clients, perfect for you if you find you are always on the go & need some more flexibility when it comes to prioritising your health amongst your busy schedule. While other clinics have restrictive opening hours, I can fit in a 20 – 45min chat before or after your work hours, or maybe on your lunch break.

Wellness Packages


I am very excited to offer supportive & practical online nutrition & wellness packages to my clients, these are suitable for you if you are serious about making holistic & wholesome changes to your lifestyle!

Get your hands amongst mother earth, re-plant your seed & commence a new journey towards a life that is fertilised by wholesome REAL nutrition, kind-hearted self-talk, mindful eating & positive activity.

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