How To Create The Perfect Table Setting

Hello, hello! This Christmas was a very special one for our little family, and I am so grateful to have spent wonderful quality time with my mother, preparing delicious food and setting our beautiful table. So I am here to tell you how to create the perfect table setting, regardless of your event’s occasion!

The size of your party will obviously determine the size of the table which you will need, luckily our party was reasonably small and I was able to use a large piece of calico material as a tablecloth, which fitted wonderfully into my native & natural theme this year. Easy to pick up and your local fabric store.

Once you have your theme basics establish, its time to add the practical and decorative components. This year I utilised my mother’s vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Creation dining set, which I am absolutely in love with, as it effortless emits an expensive earthy studio-pottery vibe, alongside its warm undertones.


Then into the garden for the flora centrepiece, this year I chose a native with a warm coloured flower and deep green leaf base, know as an orange flame grevillea. I then added additional pops of colour throughout, with the use of the red bottlebrush flower. You can utilise any type of flora you so desire for your centrepiece, however, be sure that the colour tones compliment your base tablecloth layer. You will also need some good quality pruning shears to assist with the collection and placement of your flora, it is best to collect the plants the day of, or the day before your event and leave it in water overnight.

Feed & Flourish

Feed & FlourishNow for the smaller details, to add a little more depth to each plate setting, I picked some eucalyptus leaves and tied each small branch together with some natural twine, which I got from the craft store. For the name cards, I drew them myself onto some cardboard with a felt-tip pen, but you could easily print these off the internet with your chosen font, I feel they add a lovely personal touch to the table. Finally, a Christmas event table would not be complete without bonbons, opted for a nice neutral colour this year (even though we all the know the hats inside do not fit the theme. But hey, it’s Christmas!)

I hope this has inspired you to decorate your next event. Have fun.

Feed & Flourish

Feed & Flourish

Feed & Flourish

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